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Earring Sunrise

SKU: VEZAU000010
  • Earring made of wood, hand-painted with special colors, with a marble effect. Decorated with Swarovski stones and feathers. It is unique and the only piece, designed, painted, decorated by me.

    A truly luxurious and unique piece of your jewelry box. It holds perfectly on every ear, it can be s  dance with her  so it is possible to marry her  for a ball, wedding or other special occasion  (theater, celebration, etc.) even on a normal day! It's up to you how and when you wear it.

    It is possible to have it  loose hair behind the ear, but it is best to smooth it  hair on the side on which is the earring and pin  them on the nape of the neck or on the other hand with a plain clip.

    Comfortable,  light, luxurious. An original that will only be yours!
    No tree has been cut down and has not suffered because of these jewels, they are made of recycled wood. We protect  nature and we appreciate it :-)

    Original, unique, earring.
    I have been designing and manufacturing these jewelry for several years. Each design reflects years of experience. Sits on each ear (adult  human)
    You can wear it comfortably  for hours as long as it is  easy.

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