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Silk collection

One could talk about the quality of silk for a very long time. It is a natural and sustainable material, a product of the silkworm butterfly. Already in the past it was considered a trade item.

Silk dresses were and are a hallmark of luxury, sensuality and taste. They are for really special occasions, and the unique touch of silk fabric on the human body can be felt for a very long time.

We certainly don't have to look forward to rare and special occasions anymore, because you can use the touch of silk every day, with the collection from Vivien Esme.

And as a bonus, it benefits the skin, even scientists claim that it smoothes it :)

Natural colors are a truly unique technique that can only be used on 100% natural material. It is a wonderful fusion of man and nature, when no chemistry is used, but the substance "soaks" the pigment from leaves and flowers. The colors are absolutely permanent, it is impossible to wash them off.

Take care of your natural piece with love and it will return it by stroking your body.

Women's silk tunic

€250.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price
  • Women's dress/tunic made of 100% silk. Colored by nature, only leaves and their pigment. The colors are still there.

    Size: S/M

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